Manston Pet Hotel. Dog, Cat and Small Animal Boarding, Day Care and Pet Grooming in Leeds, West Yorkshire Manston Pet Hotel. Dog, Cat and Small Animal Boarding, Day Care and Pet Grooming in Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Dog Boarding - Daily Routine 

Your dogs day starts at 7.30am with their first walk for toilet duties and to blow off the cobwebs around our paddock.

Your dogs health is very important to us so once back from there walk we carry out a health check and administer any medication.

Breakfast is then served, Water bowls are cleaned and refilled with clean fresh water                                                                      

Then we are straight into cleaning there apartments inside and out whether they look grubby or not, with a fluff & plump up of there beds they can then chill out in total comfort & contentment!

Any actions carried out in relation to your pet are methodically noted on our charts, these would include injections, medications, extra walking etc. 
Late morning, the residents have a longer walk with plenty sniffing time, if you give permission, your dog will have one walk on lead in the surrounding countryside, the residents absolutely love this, it is a change of scenery for them and us for that matter(: The other walk is off the lead in the fully secure paddock so your dog can open up the throttle and have a good old run around, maybe chasing a ball or Kong stick!

Late lunch starts with a change of water, mini groom and plenty of one to one time. they are left with a bonio to nap.

In the late afternoon your dog will have their third walk, either in the paddock or on-lead out & about. The apartments are once again cleaned if required.

Dinner is served at t time.

Early evening is bedtime and rounds up an interesting day of walks, ball chasing, rabbit watching, cuddles, brushing and plenty interaction with us.

This is our general daily routine which we follow.

All walks are carried out whether it be Sunshine( fingers crossed) Rain or Snow!

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