Your Checklist
If you require directions to The Manston Pet Hotel, please go to our Contact Page and view the map and enter your postcode for printable directions 

  Proof of current vaccinations. Your Vet will be able to provide this information. Vaccinations must be given a minimum of 10 days before arrival.

   Proof of Kennel Cough vaccination, must be administered a minimum of three days before arrival

  We advise that your dog be treated for fleas and worms.

Medication that your dog may be taking and instructions on administration.

If your dog is on a veterinary prescription diet we ask that you bring along enough food to last the duration of the stay.

You know your dog better than we do, so if he is likely to be diet sensitive we encourage owners to bring their dog's usual food to avoid stomach upsets that can occur with a rapid dietry change.

Collar and Lead. For extra security we ask that all dogs have a collar and are kept on a lead when either being dropped off or collected.

Toys & Treats, You are welcome to bring along your dogs favourite toys and treats.

Bedding. We supply all bedding, however, bedding from home with familiar smells can often help dogs to settle. If providing your own, please ensure it can be washed easily. No beanbags please!

If your dog is to be collected by anyone else but you, you MUST give us details. We will not release the dog unless we receive prior instructions from you to do so.