Manston Pet Hotel. Dog, Cat and Small Animal Boarding, Day Care and Pet Grooming in Leeds, West Yorkshire Manston Pet Hotel. Dog, Cat and Small Animal Boarding, Day Care and Pet Grooming in Leeds, West Yorkshire

01132 326 326
Lazencroft Cottage
Manston Lane
Leeds, LS15 8AD


Booking Information 

To make a booking please call us on 01132 326 326 or email

Dates will no longer be held on a provisional basis.

There is a minimum booking of 4 days for cats.

No booking will be taken without a deposit made at the time of booking. Payment is by Debit card or cash. CARD PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED   ONLY CASH OR BANK TRANSFER ARE ACCEPTED                                     

The Deposit required Is 30% of your booking total. Bookings which total less than £50 are to be paid in full at the time of booking and are non refundable.

Dogs requiring daily injections are subject to an extra charge of £4.00 per day. We do not accept cats for injections, sorry.

Please Note: We are stopping accepting bedding for your pets. We will provide all bedding, our vet bedding is soft and cosy not to mention  easy to wash and dry.  We did allow you to bring your own things, but it causes more problems with being to large and bulky for the washing machines etc. We hope you understand why we have changed this policy.

Kennel Cough
Kennel cough vaccination is required before you board your dog with us, click here for information relating to kennel cough. They need to have it at least 2 weeks before the start of their stay with us. Dogs will not be permitted to stay with us if less than 2 weeks has passed since the vaccine has been administered, any questions regarding the kennel cough vaccine, please contact your vet.

Kennel cough is an ever present disease, similar to the flu virus, it is airborne, it blows around, it can be caught in the park, dog training classes, vets, in kennels, in fact anywhere where dogs go.

Dogs who have had the virus can still omit the virus for several months afterwards, passing it to others. It has an incubation period of up to 10-12 days, where no symptoms show at all this is the problem with trying to stop the spread of it, as we do not know the dog has the infection to isolate them from the other residents. The symptoms can vary from a runny nose & sneezing to a honking cough. There is always a chance that your dog may contract kennel cough whilst in kennels, it is something we have no control over, All I can do is ask everyone one stays here to have the vaccination against it the disease. This is no guarantee your dog will not still contract it. Having said that not all dogs contract it even if it is present and if they do it can lessen the severity and duration, which is why we ask for the nasal drops administering before boarding. We rely on customers informing us if they think their pet has a possible case of kennel cough, and can only inform our other customers to watch out for symptoms knowing this.

The terms & conditions must be read & signed where indicated. Our Pet Plan Sanctuary insurance stipulates this

Opening Times
Drop Off/Pick up - between the times stated below:
9.00am-10.30am  -  4.30pm-6pm

Want to view the facilities?
Please call to make an appointment.

To make a booking please call us on 01132 326 326 or email

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